Saints and Relics and Other Weird Stuff

While the Apostles yet lived, heresies were being introduced into the infant church.

As the church grew and began to receive converts from pagan religions, these brought with them some of their pagan beliefs and practices.

After the Roman bishop achieved dominance over the Christian church -- with the support of Constantine -- the church he ruled over became increasingly pagan in dogma, doctrine and practice. This trend continues to this day.

Head Reliquary of Saint Ladislas
Head Reliquary of Saint Ladislas (1077-1095)

Saints & Other Demigods

Body Parts

How To Become A MartyrAltars, Bones and Candles
Who Will Be Next?It's not Gruesome - It's Reverence
Adding To The PantheonBody Parts
Patron Saint of Coffee Shops The Holy Foreskin
Another Co-Remptrix? More on the Holy Foreskin
Following the Thread of Fantasy A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair
Brighid or St. Brigit?Dead Men's Bones
Anselm -- Strange Doctor, Stranger ManTransylvanian Church of the Bizarre
Saints and Omniscience
Tradition? Scripture? Mysticism? Or What?
The Legacy of the True Historical Patrick

Strange Things

Weird Beliefs and Practices

Catholic WitchcraftCandles and Catholicism
Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?Exorcists and Exorcisms
Strange Encounters Celibacy and the Catholic Christ
All Good Bells Go To Heaven A Look at Healings and Healers
Charon's Obol Another Catholic Miracle: Yawn!
Ashes and FireSilly Things
Strange DoingsGood Vibrations

Worshipping Created Beings

Who Is Like God?
Saints Alive!
Superstition and the Shepherds
Concerning Infallibility
The Papacy: A Detailed Study
Fairy Tales in Conflict

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