Strange Doings

Forget Fatima. Forget Lourdes. No need to travel across a great ocean just to listen to some folks who claim the Catholic earth goddess speaks to them or to visit places where she supposedly spoke to others in the past. Why go to all the expense and bother of international travel when you can see the Catholic Jesus right here in Texas?

A few years ago, my local paper devoted more than half a page to a tale of miraculous happenings. According to the report, images of the Catholic Jesus attracted pilgrims to the town of Lockhart in central Texas. The neat thing about this magical event is that the Catholic Jesus apparently had cloned himself, for there were multiple images scattered around in the bark of a red oak tree on the lawn of the Lockhart city hall. (Jerry Needham, Lockhart's Red Oak Wonder, San Antonio Express-News, March 20, 2000, p. 1B)

Reportedly, the woman who first spotted the son of the Catholic Queen of Heaven and Earth displaying himself in tree bark did not tell anyone until Ash Wednesday. Once she broke the news, folks began flocking to Lockhart to see how many new likenesses of the son of Anahita they might find. According to the newspaper report, they found several images at about shoulder height on the tree. Imagine how many more might have been hidden in the limbs and upper levels of the trunk

As seems to be the norm at sites of Catholic hauntings, apparitions and visions, the area around the tree soon sprouted a field of real and plastic flowers and candles with images of the Catholic Queen and her demigod son. Though it is not mentioned in the news article, I would not be surprised if one could not have found a souvenir stand or two, maybe a lunch wagon and surely someone soliciting offerings for one project or another in the immediate area of the miraculous tree.

Some people made a number of visits to the tree after the miraculous appearances were made known on Ash Wednesday. Some, after studying the tree bark, claimed to see other images. Unfortunately, not all who came to the "holy" red oak were so "blessed." Do you reckon those who could not see multiple Christs in the bark of the tree lacked faith?

One day, every man, woman or child ever conceived, along with Adam and Eve, will see Jesus -- the real Jesus, the Jesus Christ of Scripture. Those who were not saved, including no doubt some of those who go looking for their Jesus clone in the bark of trees or oil stains on the floors of auto parts stores, will meet Him for the first time as they stand before the Great White Throne. Those who were saved by grace through faith in the real Christ already have known Him, but they will see Him at last at the Bema Seat.

I urge those who seek a divine presence in visions and apparitions and images in tree bark to instead look to the real God for their salvation.

Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.--Isaiah 45:22,

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