The Papacy

According to the Catholic Church, her popes are links in an unbroken chain that can be traced to the Apostle Peter. Failure to accept this doctrine as true results in anathema.

This doctrine is based on a flawed interpretation of Matthew 16:19.

The articles on this page examine this and other claims and look at the reigns of some of the men who ruled over what Rome likes to call Christ's Church from Peter's Throne.

Pope Julius II by Raphael
Pope Julius II (Raphael)

Early Bishops

Peter The Rock

The First Pope?Rocking the Roman Rock
Who Did Jesus Put In Charge?Was Peter Buried In Rome?
Sophistry 101Peter and the Keys
Those James BoysPeter's Papacy
Who's On First
Peter vs The Papacy

Apostolic Succession

Papal Primacy

On Apostolic ConfusionPopedom: Part 1
Peter's Successor?Popedom: Part 2
Succession and AuthorityIt Was Not Always Thus
Murder of a Pope Bishop Strossmayer's Speech
Hubris Strossmayer's Speech and Apologetics
Job Security Deciphering the Code
Early Papal Martyrology

The Pope as Divinity

Other Stuff

Sweet Christ On EarthThe Pope and the Lord's Supper
The God MakerI'm So Sorry
Christ's Vicar? Naah.A Look A Papal Morality
Shepherd of Prophecy? Pope a Flop as Exorcist
Gee Whiz StuffThe Papacy: A Detailed Study
Concerning Infallibility
Concerning Church and State
Could the Pope Be the Prophesied False Prophet?

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