Questions and Challenges

Becoming a Catholic is not really difficult. I believe that most Catholics were born into Catholic families and brought to the baptismal font before they were old enough to ask what was going on.

Living as a Catholic isn't terribly difficult. I know quite a few Catholics--most of my extended family are Catholic and just about everyone in my mostly Hispanic neighborhood is Catholic. Most of these seem to express their Catholicism by attendance, not always regular, at Sunday Mass and burning votive candles on a home altar.

Living a good Catholic life is not so easy, for the multitude of dogmas, doctrines and practices are difficult to know and more difficult to comply with. I receive a number of inquiries from Catholics and non-Catholics seekings answers to questions concerning the Catholic Church and Catholicism. In that others may be struggling with the same issues, I shall post some of these questions, together with my responses, on this page.

Questions About Getting Along

Questions About the Bible

Believers and Unbelievers The Whole Bible?
Making Nice With Catholicism On James 2:24
Marriage and BeliefsLiving Waters
Up Against the WallOn Knowing the Eternal State of Another
Not Our Job to Convert AnyoneA Commandment With A Promise
On New Catholics and Ex-Catholics On Predestination and Discernment
Dealing With A Catholic Apologist Was Christ Tempted In The Flesh?
Guarantee of Paradise? Who Is Jesus?
Happiness and Eternity On Living Consecrated Lives
On SalvationAddressing Catholic Fantasies
More On SalvationAbout Matthew 13:15
The Difference Between Bodies And PeopleGenerations
About Tres Dias and CursilloBelieve or Die!
Tres Dias AgainAre New Testament Books the Word of God?

Questions About Other Deities

Questions About Church Problems

Jesus' Brothers and SistersA Shortage of Priests?
Where Is John Paul II? A Shortage of Parish Priests? Part 2
Padre Pio or Alladin's Genie? Very, Very Rare?
Who Is Catholic Mary? Very, Very Rare? - Part 2
Who Is the Great Whore of Revelation?
More About The Great Whore

Questions About Doctrine

Questions About Practices

Must They Really Believe?Response to a Catholic Apologist
Who Are The Faithful? On Genuflecting
Apostasy and the Roman Church Concerning Contraception
The Lord's Supper Abortion and Catholic Canon Law
Response to a Semi-Pelagianist How Bad Can It Get?
When Did The Church Stray? Concerning Palm Sunday
Why Contrition? Christians and the Law
Baptism and Regeneration A Look at Fasting
Where Does Holy Water Come From? Which Is The Lord's Day?
Salvation by Faith Alone?

Questions About Other Stuff

On Catholic Tradition Walking the Walk
What Is The Gospel? Mikvah, Mikvaot, Mikveh
What Is the Gospel? - Addendum How To Know The Will Of God
Ends and Means Should A Woman Teach In Church?
Ends and Means....Again Believers and Jewish Feasts
Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus? On Women Being Quiet in Church
Questions Catholics Ask Catholic or Roman Catholic?
Can Abortion Ever Be Justified? Why Celebrate Valentine's Day?
Can Abortion Ever Be Justified? - Part 2 On Heavenly Sex
Can Abortion Ever Be Justified? - Part 3 If God Left It Out, Rome Put It In
Tempest in a Teapot The Right Church?
Celibacy of PriestsHow To Know God
Concerning Bugs and Beer

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