Making Nice With Catholicism

The Concern: …some of [your] articles really reveal your hatred of the RCC (and I guess we should all hate the RCC, at least on some level, and I do) but many Catholics might be so moved to defend the RCC that they might miss what you're saying. 

The Response: Your observations are quite accurate. I make no secret of my feelings toward the Evil Empire calling itself the Roman Catholic Church or the priestly hierarchy that controls it. This was not always the case, for there was a time when I loved Mother Church and believed that my only hope for eternal happiness lay in her promises. In other writings I have recounted my early love for Catholicism and my drift away from the RCC. I won't go into that in this study.

The pivotal moment in my life occurred at about 11:30 in the evening of August 15, 1987. That was when, completely uninvited, our Lord entered my life and called me into the Light. Following that epiphany, I dedicated myself to prayer and study of Scripture. In addition to almost daily tutoring with my pastor, Bible College and long hours of study, I did missionary work and was active in the Pro-Life movement.

Then I bought my first computer; a machine that worked better from the MSDOS command line than from the GeoWorks GUI that came with it. The machine was really fast, its processor running at a blistering speed of 16mhz. With that box, I found my way to MSDOS bulletin boards, where I first interacted with others in online religious discussions. When Windows 3.1 arrived, I found new ways to meet with folks in chat rooms, where theological discussions at times became quite intense. I observed that those who championed Catholicism often appeared innocent of understanding of the teachings of their cult, which they tended to defend with what I viewed as an excess of pious zeal.

As the Internet blossomed into what we now call the Worldwide Web, online religious sites proliferated, providing a plenitude of venues for folks to meet and discuss their faiths. I joined a few of these early religious forums and enjoyed the interaction with others who shared my interest in religious matters. Increasingly, vocal intruders pushing a patently Catholic agenda disrupted gentle conversations dealing with biblical Christianity. Often, these unwelcome participants would arrive in flocks, as though by pre-arrangement, and would literally flood the narrow bandwidth we then enjoyed in what has come to be known as denial of service attacks. Back then, we called what they did “flooding.” Whatever you call it, their purpose was to so congest the site with often meaningless or downright argumentative drivel so that meaningful interaction was not possible.

It has been my experience that dealing with Catholic apologists online can be quite a bit more difficult than reasoning with a committed Catholic face-to-face. The majority of the Catholic apologists I have encountered online tended to revel in the anonymity of cyberspace and conduct themselves like junkyard dogs, substituting deliberate offensiveness for aggressive discussion. When dealing with such characters, Mr. Niceguy hasn't a chance, so off come the velvet gloves to reveal the mailed fist.

I hasten to add that I also have engaged in stimulating theological discussions with some top-notch defenders of things Catholic who conducted themselves with courtesy and decorum. In those discussions, I felt no need to resort to verbal combat tactics.

Whether junkyard dog or refined debater, the end result has always been the same: In my experience, any Catholic willing and eager to defend his faith will not be budged from his or her understanding of the teachings and doings of Mother Church.

Given that I do not consider the Internet to be a viable medium for evangelism—I prefer eyeball-to-eyeball outreach—it has not been, nor is it now my intention to “convert” anyone, even if that were possible. Instead, I dedicate myself to shining the light of discovery into the dark corners of Catholicism where the cockroaches live. I do this by comparing RCC teaching and practice with biblical Christianity and with other Catholic variants of the same teachings and doings. This is a simple matter, given that Catholicism is so paper-bound that I contend no one can know what the definitive position on any teaching or dogma is. This is so because over the years the Catholic hierarchy has invented or modified cast-in-stone dogmas to suit contemporary agendas.

Do I hate the Roman Catholic Church? Absolutely and irrevocably. Because it is an evil and satanic entity that strives to hold souls captive to a Pagan emperor and Pagan deities.

Do I hate the shamans who are the Catholic priestly hierarchy? Absolutely and irrevocably, for they are corrupters holding a billion souls in thrall

Do I hate Catholics? Other than priests and religious? Not at all. To hate individual prisoners of the Whore on the Tiber would demand that I hate my own wife, children and a multitude of other relatives.

I hope this adequately addresses your concerns.

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