The God Maker

Ancient Greeks revered Zeus as the "Father of the Gods," So did the Romans, who called him Jupiter. Zeus/Jupiter was quite the philander and had relationships with a number of goddesses as well as human women. These relationships produced 52 children (gods and demigods).

Zeus and the Olympians came to power by overthrowing the Titans and their kids. Uranus was the father of the Titans who born of Gaea, the earth goddess. I suppose Uranus also qualified for the title of Father of the Gods (Titans).

Hindus have so many dieties it is difficult for me to figure out who their daddy is. I suppose Vishnu must be the principle father of the Hindu gods. It was from his navel that the lotus blossomed, giving birth to Brahma the Creator.

Fertile as all these and other god makers were, they cannot hold a candle to the Roman Catholic Church, and in particular one of her recent high priests. John Paul II kept busy by flitting around the world creating new deities for Roman Catholics to venerate and worship -- with dulia, of course.

As he drew nearer to death and his eternal state, it appeared that the pope was trying to increase the odds for mercy from the Catholic Queen of Heaven by loading the Pantheon of Catholic Saints with demigods friendly to his cause.

Poor guy. He just didn't understand that these pagan deities could not help his cause. By rejecting the Christ of Scripture in favor of the fictional pagan deity Catholics worship as the Queen of Heaven and Earth, JP2 sealed his fate as certainly as did the Pharisees that Jesus denounced (Matthew 12:31,32)

In a two-hour ceremony in St. Peter's Square on Sunday, May 20, 2000, the aging Catholic high priest created (canonized) 27 new Mexican demigods. Until then, Mexicans could only call upon one home-grown minor deity and, of course, the Virgin de Gudalupe, Catholicism's manifestation of Coatlicue, the Aztec earth mother goddess.

Twenty-five of the new RCC deities were priests executed by the Revolutionary goverment during the "Cristera War" of the 1920's and 30's. In the cult whose motto is Semper Idem (Always the Same) the requirements for becoming a demigod appear to be continuously evolving. What used to be a lengthy process requiring at least two "verified" miracles appeared to have devolve into nothing more than papal whim and political expediency. I know of no miracles ascribed to any of these guys -- unless standing before a firing squad is considered a miracle.

When he died in 2005, the Roman high priest's score stood at 482 canonizations and 13409 beatifications. Whatta guy!

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