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Those who read here must surely be aware that I rarely refer folks to Catholic web sites. One Catholic place I have on several times recommended is maintained by a group of ordained and lay Catholics known as The Roman Catholic Faithful. Though I do not subscribe to their conservative Catholic theology, I strongly support their efforts to root out sexual perverts among Catholic clergy and religious and wish them every success in their labors.

As an example of what they do, I offer this headline from their home page (08-21-07):

Opus Dei Bishop reassigns pervert priest to a parish with school despite priest's admissions -- Copyright 1996-2006, The Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc.

Though there is plenty of well-documented information concerning priestly perversion, the item that grabbed my attention today and led me to post this is a review of a book that explores depravity at just about every level of the Catholic hierarchy. One of the points that makes this review remarkable, at least to me, is that the author acknowledges what just about every literate person in America must know and which most Catholics I have encountered deny: moral perversion exists, and has existed through the centuries, in the Catholic Church.

The descent of the clergy into the abyss of moral perversion is, sadly, not a new phenomenon in the history of the Catholic Church. Our Lord has promised us that the jaws of Hell would never prevail against the Church. This does not mean, however, that the devil is not going to win a few battles in our own lives and in the lives of bishops and priests. Indeed, the devil attacks bishops and priests with particular fury, hoping that he can cause many to fall into his snares, thus scandalizing the faithful and causing some of those who are weak in their Faith to leave the true means of salvation, the Catholic Church. -- Thomas A. Droleskey, Understanding a Cesspool of Corruption, © Copyright 2006, Thomas A. Droleskey.

Droleskey describes the book he is reviewing in these terms:

Randy Engel's massive book, The Rite of Sodomy, is an exhaustive examination of the history of the devil's infiltration into the ranks of the Church's hierarchy and clergy. -- Ibid.

The reviewer begins with a brief review of the efforts of early Catholic reformers such as Peter Damien, Francis of Assisi and others to clean up the Church hierarchy, following up with plain-talk comments concerning conditions in the Church today:

How many priests are there in the conciliar structures calling for severe punishments of clergy steeped in the vice of unnatural perversion against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments? How many bishops in the conciliar structures are doing so. The recent popes? One, Paul VI, as Mrs. Engel documents in her concluding chapter, was a practicing homosexual who put his fellow perverts in positions of authority throughout the conciliar structures Another, John Paul II, enabled the perverts and their enablers at every turn, appointing them, promoting them, protecting them. Who is the Archpriest of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore? Bernard Cardinal Law, who enabled one sodomite priest after another. Who is the Bishop of Rockville Centre, New York? William F. Murphy, who did Law's bidding as an enabler of the perverts. Who is the recently appointed Bishop of Cleveland, Ohio? Richard Lennon, who participated in the sordid mess of the Boston priest perverts. – Ibid.

Among the priests and bishops mentioned in the review is the former bishop of Springfield, Illinois, Daniel Ryan. Ryan retired early, at age 69, shortly after a lawsuit was filed naming him, another bishop and a parish priest.

[Plaintiff] charges that these three parties were involved in an extensive cover-up of Campbell's pedophilic activities; moreover, that:

BISHOP RYAN ignored his oath and obligation of celibacy by virtue of multiple homosexual relationships with then, now former, male prostitutes and other priests or deacons to wit: John Doe X, John Doe Y, and Reverend Father John Doe Z (the identities of whom are known to the Defendants) among others, during his tenure as Bishop to such an extent that an atmosphere of tolerance to the sexual abuse of minors was thereby created, facilitated, and perpetuated by DEFENDANT RYAN. – David C. Trosch, Bishop Daniel Ryan, Bad Bishops of the Catholic Church, Copyright © 1993-2006 by Father David C. Trosch

Other than Ryan's early retirement – the usual retirement age for a Catholic priest is 75 – it would appear that the lawsuit didn't do much harm to the priestly careers of at least one of Ryan's associates:

One of Ryan's chief enablers, Father Kevin Vann, was appointed recently by Benedict XVI to be the bishop of Fort Worth, Texas! . . .As can be seen in the case of the episcopal appointment of Father Kevin Vann, Benedict XVI has played his own role in all of this, albeit with this typical inconsistency and contradictions. -- Thomas A. Droleskey, Op. cit.

Not to worry, JP2, the “sweetie” pope, has been replaced by Josef Ratzinger [now Benedict XVI] the former Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which used to known as the Holy Office and/or the Inquisition. Surely tough guy Joe will straighten things out in the Catholic priesthood.

Nevertheless, as has been pointed out on this site in the past seventeen months, Benedict has appointed homosexual-friendly bishops (William Levada and George Niederauer) to key positions. Much unlike the days of Pope Leo IX and Saint Peter Damian, we live in a day when the perverts hold most of the key levers of ecclesiastical power. – Ibid.

I close this review of a review, which I urge all y'all to read, with these words of the author:

Is it any wonder that there is such hostility to the Faith of our fathers emanating from our chancery offices and parish pulpits and schools and universities and colleges and seminaries and convents? Is it any wonder that the average lay Catholic is so totally bereft of the sensus Catholicus, being bombarded with the propagandizing efforts in behalf of immorality all throughout the popular culture and hearing endless justifications for such immorality in "Catholic" institutions, which themselves are the prisoners of the anti-Catholic conciliarist paradigm?

With a very few exceptions prior to the explosion of these scandals in the secular media in early 2002 (after years of reporting by The Wanderer and nearly twenty years after Father Enrique Rueda's groundbreaking The Homosexual Network), bishops and priests who have been caught up in lives of unnatural vice were affirmed and enabled by the Vatican. At least one pope and numerous cardinals and bishops and priests have been subject to blackmail from the enemies of the Catholic Faith as a result. The souls of ordinary Catholics, already lost in the fog of the novelties of conciliarism, have been deformed as a result. – Ibid.

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