It Just Had To Happen

If we were to believe the Vatican propaganda machine, we would view the Roman Catholic Church as the monolithic, rock-solid religious body we are told was instituted by Christ some two millennia ago. We would believe that little about that church had changed since that time. We would accept the RCC motto Semper Idem (Always the Same). We would accept that Catholicism is a Christian communion virtually unchanged since Peter became the first ruler of the church. Of course, we really know that none of the above is true.

Some might point out that the Catholic Church indeed has changed, and countless times. They might point out that Romish rulers have been issuing doctrinal statements and rules for worship they claimed were infallibly adduced—only to have them reversed or greatly modified by succeeding popentates. Even a casual outside observer must surely see that in Catholic theology, Mary has been accorded godlike status and appears to be an important link in the Romish understanding of God’s salvific plan.

One rule of the Catholic Church certainly has not changed. Interestingly, this rule can legitimately be traced all the way back to the teaching and writings of the Apostles: the hierarchy of deacons, priests, bishops, etc., are to be men.

For some years, many foundational doctrines of the Catholic Church have been the focus of determined efforts to accommodate the liberal philosophy of the times. We have seen how thousands of priests, religious and lay Catholics turned their backs on Rome after Paul VI promulgated the encyclical Humanae Vitae (On The Regulation Of Birth) in 1968. More recently, in these days when priests are in short supply, we have seen an increase in efforts to permit ordination of women into the priesthood.

Just as Rome vigorously resists modifying her stand on artificial birth control and abortion, so also does she stand firm that only men can be priests. Not surprisingly, a number of groups have been aggressively pushing such un-Catholic ideas as a woman’s right to abortion or artificial birth control and women priests. One of those groups took a giant step not long ago:

PITTSBURGH - Aboard the Majestic sailing the three rivers of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia's Eileen McCafferty DiFranco participated in a ceremony yesterday that organizers say makes her among the first group of women to be ordained a priest in the United States by the organization Roman Catholic Womenpriests.

Roman Catholic dioceses around the country, including the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops called the more than three-hour ordination invalid because they said only men could become priests under church law.--Susan Snyder, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer, Defying church, organization ordains 8 women as priests, August 1, 2006, © Copyright 2006 Philly Online, LLC.

It appears that some of the women ordained on July 31, 2006 had been working in parishes without priests, performing a number of duties normally handled by priests.

PITTSBURGH - Joan Houk has ministered to the sick and needy, run two Roman Catholic parishes that were without priests and has presided over baptisms and funerals. Her calling now, she says, is to be a priest.

Houk will be one of a dozen women participating in a ceremony Monday in which eight will proclaim themselves priests and four deacons. The ceremony won't be recognized by the Catholic church, which has a 2,000-year tradition of an all-male priesthood.--Jennifer C. Yates, AP Writer, Catholic Women Face Excommunication , © 2006 The Associated Press

I agree with Romanism that the Scriptures clearly reserve episcopal and pastoral leadership positions to men, and hasten to add that women can and do perform many important duties within both the Christian church and the RCC.

I find it interesting that Mother Church can, and does, ordain active male homosexuals. I find it even more interesting that she often shelters priests known to be active homosexuals, pedophiles, ephebophiles, womanizers and just plain thieves, often sending them to some other parish or diocese, rather than defrocking them and delivering them up to law enforcement authorities.

It seems clear to me that the Catholic power structure is willing to tolerate even the most aberrant sexual or other antisocial conduct by priests, but seeks to keep its female religious on a very tight rein.

The Roman Catholic Church claims to have been instituted by Christ, led by the Vicar of Christ and that her priests are other Christs.



Forget the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other man-inspired collections of religious baloney. Open your Bible and read God’s truth as set down by men writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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