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Folks who read what I post may get the idea that I find nothing positive in the world of Catholicism. While it is true that there is no shortage of grist for the mill in which I grind the false doctrine and evil practices that seem to typify the Roman Catholic Church, it is also true that I sometimes report on praiseworthy efforts by some laymen and members of the priestly hierarchy.

One example is The Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF), a traditionalist group of Catholic laymen, priests and religious doing what they can to identify and cleanup sexual misconduct within the Catholic priesthood. On its website, the RCF identifies alleged closeted and not-so-closeted homosexual and pedophile priests, with supporting documentation to support allegations of sexual misconduct. The RCF publishes a monthly newsletter, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, the archives of which are available online. To read in the AMDG archives, it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on one's computer. If you don't have this useful application, it is available as a free download from Adobe.

With Acrobat Reader on one's machine, it is possible to read issues of AMDG going all the way back to 1997.


After all the verbiage and hand-wringing, a few facts remain starkly clear and undeniable. For many years a large number of bishops of the American Catholic Church have allowed homosexuals into the seminaries and ordained them as priests. When these priests preyed on the innocent, they were protected and even enabled by these “false shepherds.” This evil was actively “covered up” and would be largely unknown today had not huge lawsuits begun to be filed. Then, it was neither love of God nor neighbor nor even concern about the destruction of the innocent, but concern about the money that motivated what little action was taken. That action is clearly a concern about “liability” and not the most basic Christian morality. Even now the issue of homosexuality in the priesthood is not being confronted by Church leadership. Lawsuits are being settled out of court and the bishops are in “damage control” mode to ride it out trusting in the shortness of the flock's memory!

Homosexuality and Pedophilia are perversions and the people who practice them are sick. Those leaders who enable this sickness to destroy the bodies and souls of others are not sick, they are evil!--Stephen Brady, Are The Sodomites In Control? No help from Rome — The Vatican is the problem, AMDG Newsletter [the newsletter of Roman Catholic Faithful], December 2003, page 4. (C) 2003 RCF

I encourage folks to read this article in its entirety. Then, so long as one already has the December 2003 issue of AMDG open on his monitor, why not read the rest of the articles, such as the one concerning the fundraising and personal activities of a Catholic priest at an archeological dig among Mayan ruins?

“ we went to Ek Balan a new "dig"not too far form Merida today so I am sending these along----the little guy with me is not my current lover” (Fr. Auth's email transmission to St. Sebastian's Angels.). [The article includes a photo of Father William Auth and his 12 year old traveling companion]—Ibid

Another Catholic organization that merits recognition for its efforts to expose the sexual activities and perversions of RCC priests and religious is The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company. The NCR Publishing Company mission statement is:

The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company reports, comments and reflects on the church and society. It strives for excellence in its publications, supporting a full, honest and open exchange of ideas. It works out of a Roman Catholic tradition and an ecumenical spirit. It emphasizes solidarity with the oppressed and respect for all. It understands that peace, justice and integrity of environment are not only goals but also avenues of life.-- Copyright © The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company

A notable activity of the NCR was its Abuse Tracker, which it described as “A digest of links to media coverage of clergy abuse.” The site was kept up to date by folks who submit reports from their local newspapers. The archives went back to 2002 and furnished a wealth of information concerning priestly misconduct and diocesan efforts to cover it up. Apparently, NCR no longer hosts Abuse Tracker. However, Kathy Shaw has picked up the baton and continues the concept on her Abuse Tracker blog page.

I am greatly encouraged by the efforts of groups such as the above to not just identify but also to address the problem of sexual misconduct within the Catholic priestly hierarchy.

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