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The Roman Catholic Church surely must be the world's most complex bureaucracy.

I doubt that even the United States operates under so many layers of overlapping rules and bureaucratic offices.

The articles on this page provide a few examples to show that all the red tape does not bring the RCC to biblical truth

Sepoltura di Cristo  (Caravaggio)
Sepoltura di Cristo (Caravaggio)

Priestly Predators

The Priesthood

Parental ConcernsDouble Standard?
Tracking Predators'Alter Christus?' Sure They Are
Filthy Hands On The Body Of ChristOn Being God
Celibacy and Pedophile PriestsIt Just Had To Happen
Archdiocese Faces Lawsuit Willful Children
Not Responsible?Priestly Porn
Still the Same #1Priestly Porn: A Response
Still the Same #2Correction
Still the Same #3Dancing With the Goddess
A Shortage of Priests?A Book Review
A Priest Deals Himself InLearning From Pilate
I Don't UnderstandRoot Cause of Catholic Scandals
Now I Understand . . . A LittleAn Important Article From RCF
More Priestly Hanky-PankyPoor Mother Church
Very, Very Rare?

Doctrines & Practices

Worshipping Idols & Beings

On Predestination and Election The Price of Apostasy
Immutable Dogmas?In Defense of Idolatry
LimboThe Roman Carousel
Consecrating Catholic Churches! Superstition and the Shepherds
Y2K Bug Bites The Holy SeeTo Whom Do You Pray?
The Official Language?Asking for Help
On Catholic FastingPadre Pio or Alladin's Genie?
On Fasting and AbstinenceA Midsummer Night's Eve
Getting Dirty
Sex in the Romish Manner

Catholicism & The World


On Masons And MassacresLet Us Pray. Got Change for a Twenty?
A Sad CommentaryBetter Than Selling Indulgences
The Roman Church and Native Religions It's the Year of Jubilee! Ka-Ching
Rome and IslamA New Simony?
Gangsterism and the AftermathThe Widow's Mite
Old BooksPeter's Pence and Other Stuff

Really Wierd Stuff

Other Stuff

Rome and IslamA New Simony?
Mary's Magick MansionHe Washed His Hands
On the KabbalahJesus' Last Passover
The Face of JesusPhoto Gallery of a Catholic Childhood
Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?Readers Who Do Not Read
Blessings and Such Ritual Prayers
Good VibrationsSmall Miracles
Wearing Ancient Garments TodayWarriors and Wild Men
Can You Spare a Peso for Jesus?A Brave New World?
Good Grief! Praying to Goo!The Sun Stood Still
Confused About Catholic Soteriology?

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