In the Summer of 1990. two little girls were kidnapped off the streets of San Antonio, Texas. Searchers found their bodies days later. This sonnet addresses the void the little ones left behind.

Like bright splashes of color in dark night,
They moved among us. Two Roman candles
Overpowering mere stars, whose poor dull
Glimmer was shamed by the shimmering light
Of bright presences, stolen from our sight.
Tiny memories, sharpened by pain's harsh pull,
Remind us all of those tender, gentle
Moments when we held our little ones tight.

In a flash of unreasoned savag'ry,
The sweet lights were taken from us; switched off
By violent hands. But now we see stars,
And Apollo's cart again shines brightly;
The heavens once more are lit by those soft
Smiles which, for too brief a while, once were ours.

Diminished by one child, our world is a smaller place. Diminished by two, it shrinks still more. For those who knew Heidi and Erica, they never will die. For those who could have known them, there always will be unfilled space in our hearts.

I am diminished by their loss, but Heaven counts two new souls among the host who daily gaze into God's holy countenance.

In Condolence

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