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When confronted with the truth concerning the doctrines and practices of their cult, Roman Catholic apologists often attempt to discredit their antagonist by declaring he doesn't really understand the RCC. The implication is that the Christian apologist is not qualified to address RCC doctrinal issues because he is not on the "inside."

While this sometimes may be true, most of the people I know who are working to shine God's light into the shadowy world of Catholicism do know what they are talking about.

The Crucifixion (Van Eyck)
The Crucifixion (Van Eyck)

Many of us used to be Roman Catholics and just about all of us likely spend more time researching and reading 'official' RCC documents and church history than the vast majority of the Catholic faithful. When we expose the foolishness of what they have been taught, many Catholics are shocked and go into denial because they had no idea of the sad truth behind the false dogma and doctrines of the Roman church.

On this page are links to letters written by people who used to be Roman Catholics. Read in their own words what led them to renounce paganism and take Christ's offered hand.

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