Ecumenism and speaking in tongues

My AOG fried Bill sent this to me some years ago:  

 I am not a Secessionist. I do not believe the Gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased with the New Testament Apostles and that they are still available to the Church of God today. But there are counterfeits of the things of God including a counterfeit tongue just as there are counterfeits of salvation, miracles, healing and prophecy's.   

 This counterfeit tongue is being used by the enemy as possibly the number one tool to promote unbiblical ecumenism between true believers in the Gospel and those that are not. The idea being that if a person speaks in an unknown tongue or even a known language, it is a sign that that person is a Christian regardless of doctrine and how that person stands on how we are saved. This not only harms the true believer by there participating in unbiblical unity but also entrenches the unbeliever deeper into there false religions. The deception is great and we need to address this problem because it has eternal consequences.  

This does not apply only to Roman Catholics but also to Mormons or any "cult" that claims to be Christian.   

Contrary to popular expectations, the sign of tongues that Catholics receive brought back to Catholicism many of those who had fallen away, reviving and enhancing their idolatrous practices. Some typical comments from Catholic charismatics illustrate this.  

--"Our devotion to Mary was filled with sanctification."

--"The sacramental life of the church has become richer in meaning."

--"I came to a better understanding of the Eucharist as a sacrifice, and I came back to frequent confession."

--"At that time I discovered a profound devotion to Mary."

  These were not tongues from the Holy Spirit but were a counterfeit.  

Excerpt from

Roughly 15,000 people gathered together in St. Louis, Missouri, June 21-23, to participate in Celebrate Jesus 2000 (Not to be confused with an ecumenical evangelistic program operated by Mission America which has the same name.)

This is the sixth ecumenical-charismatic conference sponsored by the North American Renewal Service Committee. The first was in Kansas City in 1977 and was attended by 50,000 people. That was the first major conference to include the "three streams" of the Charismatic movement -- Classical Pentecostals, Charismatic Protestants, and Charismatic Roman Catholics. Two meetings were held in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1986 and 1987. Then there was a conference in Indianapolis in 1990, and one in Orlando in 1995. I attended the 1987, 1990, and 2000 conferences with press credentials.  

"One of the key speakers at these conferences is Tom Forrest, a priest who is headquartered in Rome and works closely with John Paul II as the head of Evangelization 2000.

Forrest brought the concluding message in New Orleans in 1987, in Indianapolis in 1990, and again in St. Louis this year. His descriptions of evangelism illustrate the confusion which surrounds the gospel in the ecumenical-charismatic movement. In a message at New Orleans, for example, he said that he evangelizes by walking through the streets of Rome praying the "mysteries of the rosary"[Which is largely a prayer to Mary) for the people he passes? This demonstrates that he understands neither salvation nor evangelism in a biblical sense, yet he is exalted as a Spirit-filled, evangelical Catholic.

In Indianapolis, Catholic Priest Forrest said that he praises God for purgatory, because he knows that unless there is a place where his sin can be purged he cannot go to Heaven. . .


Is the spirit that is active in the Roman Church, the Holy Spirit? In speaking of Him, Jesus said, "He will guide you into all truth." This is the particular characteristic of the Holy Spirit. It is characteristic of an evil spirit to lead one into only part of the truth.

One of the most marked effects of the Catholic charismatic movement is to lead its followers into part-truth, part-error as, for example: spontaneous prayer in tongues AND the rosary; the adoration of Christ AND the Holy Sacrament; reading the Bible AND the veneration of Mary.

There are several testimonies from people who supposedly had been baptized by the "Holy Spirit," one while reciting his rosary, another while singing a hymn at mass, and yet another while on her knees praying to the Holy Virgin.  

Quoting "Father" ObConnor, he gives us a profession of charismatic faith that would make any Pentecostalist, evangelical or reformed Christian quake: "The first effects were a greater devotion to the Eucharist. The most striking result for one Benedictine, after his baptism in the Spirit, was to sing the mass. The veneration of Mary was reinforced by the Pentecostal Catholic movement all over the country. In short, the effect of the Pentecostal Catholic movement was to recruit people for the church, for the priesthood and for religious life."  

While I was president of a Full Gospel Business men's fellowship in Peoria, Illinois,

One of the Catholic prayer groups were speaking in tongues and receiving unbiblical interpretations of a sinful nature, supposedly coming direct from Mary, 'the mother of Jesus'.  The interpretation of "Mary's" message was that this business man who was having hands laid on him, "was cheating in his business." Mary continues-" But in this day and age it is necessary to cheat in order to make a profit."  

 These testimonies are quite sufficient to prove that the spirit who baptized these people is in contradiction with the Scriptures and cannot, in any way, be the Holy Spirit. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit consists, not of doubting His work, but of attributing such error and such dreadful idolatry to His divine person. To quote Charles Foster, "When the experience of the "Holy Spirit" is put before doctrine and salvation, seduction is certain..."  

This Catholic Charismatic movement is simply an act to attract Protestants into the trap of ecumenism.   Is this Spirit the Holy Spirit?   The healings, prophecies and miracles seen in the Catholic charismatic movement rule out the possibility that it is only a human maneuver... If the Holy Spirit cannot be behind this movement, it is certainly a real and active alien spiritb&and it is the supernatural phenomena that have caused this Catholic movement to develop with such rapidity and vigor.  

This Roman Catholic movement is a counterfeit tactic of the devil, preparing the way for the Antichrist.  

At Duquesne University, the baptism by the Holy Spirit of about thirty students was soon followed by several public supernatural healings. Observers were most impressed by the prophetic manifestations in tongues and their interpretations. K. and D. Ranaghan recount in their book "The Return of the Spirit", during one prayer meeting at South Bend, a priest who was present for the first time, asked a man near him where he had learned Greek. "What Greek?" The priest then told the group that he had distinctly heard his neighbor recite the first sentences of "Ave Maria" in Greek. Father ObConnor adds in his book, "Before this meeting, there was very little evidence in the group of the worship of Mary ... from then on, there was an outburst of devotion to Mary." For these Catholics, the different miracles and manifestations concerning Mary are the infallible proofs of the presence of God in their church.  

Even though the above proves that the speaking in tongues by Catholics cannot be of the Holy Spirit, many of our brethren continue to promote ecumenicism with Catholics Charismatics and others that are not truly of the faith and continue to believe that their tongues is of the Holy Spirit. They do not believe this on the basis of doctrine but on "Experience."  

The Bible warns us to be on guard against counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders (II Thess 2:9-12).

 Could an unclean spirit possibly have been passed on to these people from the hands of Pentecostals of sound doctrine? That's a good question and one that needs to be considered. I don't believe so. When a true Christian lays hands on an unsaved person to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, thinking that this person is already saved, they cannot receive the Holy spirit but they do open themselves up to other spirits because they are seeking "a spirit" and if they speak in tongues they speak in a tongue of "a familiar spirit." It does not mean that we passed it on to them but it does mean that we were negligent. That does not leave us blameless for not knowing the consequences of our mistakes.  We only give the unregenerate a false assurance and we are guilty of a great sin and need to repent of being part of this great deception and try to rectify some of these terrible mistakes.

Even though the above proves that the speaking in tongues by Catholics cannot be of the Holy Spirit, many of our evangelical/pectcostal  brethren continue to promote ecumenicism with Catholic Charismatics and others that are not truly of the faith and continue to believe that their tongues is of the Holy Spirit. They do not believe this on the basis of doctrine but on "Experience."

When Protestant preachers teach that Roman Catholics can have the baptism of the Holy Spirit and stay in their own church, then the time has come for the ordinary believer to take a stand alone on the true foundation, the Word of God!

Some Charismatic preachers tell us that the Holy Spirit is at work in the Roman Catholic Church. Someone is wrong.  The Bible says, "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God..." (1 John 4:1). And how do we try the Spirits? The most sure way is by the word of God.     

There was a time when believers stood by the plain teaching of the Bible.  Many of these same Christians used to attend "Protestant" meetings to protest the blasphemy of Rome in relation to the Mass, the worship of Mary, the confessional, prayers for the dead, etc., but not any longer!  Today they go by their emotions and believe anything, even though it be contrary to the Word of God.

I might add that  Paul said in Gal. 4:16 that he made enemies by telling the truth, and this, amongst his closest acquaintances, those he had brought to salvation, those who were his spiritual children. Bill


As everyone knows there has always been debate about tongues and the use of tongues in the church. The scriptures are very clear as to the use of tongues but even so, some things have been overlooked. Here are a few scriptures to consider as to the giving of messages in tongues.


 "For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God" (I Cor.14:2). This is what Paul, the greatest teacher of the church, moreover, led by the Spirit, clearly taught the Corinthians, "... He does not speak to men...

"... The Holy Spirit came on them just as He had come on us at the beginning," "God gave them the same gift as He gave us who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ." (Acts 11:15-17).  they heard them "... Praising God."