"religious Doctrine
Questions of Christian Doctrine

So many teachers. So many interpretations. How can a believer know what is God's will? Ask the Lord to aid your understanding.

The studies in this collection are not presented as the final authorities on issues of doctrine. They are offered as resources to facilitate the reader's search for truth.

Concerning Scripture

Concerning Soteriology

Gimme The Bible That Paul UsedCharles Hodge on Justification
About the King James VersionBrian Schwertley on Justification
About the KJV - A ConversationSpurgeon on the Doctrines of Grace
On Bible VersionsJustification and Sanctification
A Question about Matthew 13:15Three Major Aspects of Sanctification
Apostle Paul's Teaching on the LawRegeneration is not the same to all writers
Another GospelCan Salvation Be Lost?
Altar Calls & New BirthSafe in the Arms of Jesus
Predestination and God's LoveIs God a Liar?
The Wedding CelebrationDecisional Regeneration
Difficulties in the Bible - Part 1Concerning Election
Difficulties in the Bible - Part 2Is Jesus The Only Way?
Literal Interpretation of Bible Prophecy What Does It Take?
Talking About the BibleLewis Sperry Chafer on Sanctification
Lewis Sperry Chafer on Election
J. Dwight Pentecost on Predestination


Concerning God

What Gospel Do You Preach?God's Sovereignty and the Human Will
Concerning Some FestivalsGod's Will and Man's Will
A Look at the Church Growth MovementOn the Freedom of the Will
A Critique of the Prayer of JabezWho Is Jesus?
The Five Points of Calvinism Explained The Lord Our Righteousness
A Critique of the Preterist View of the Olivet Discourse The Religious and Social Environment in which Jesus Christ was Raised
Anti-Biblical Counterfeit Gospels & Other Nonsense Jesus' Last Passover -- Did He Die on a Friday?
A Short Explanation and Defense of the Doctrines of GraceAn Apologetic Exchange Concerning Predestination
The Doctrines That Cannot Be Compromised.Influences on Historical Jesus.
What Is The Most Important Doctrine?Christianity without Christ
The Reformed Faith
The Merger of Calvinism with Worldliness

Concerning Belief

Concerning Other Stuff

I'm A Fundamentalist!On Trials and Suffering
Nice TalkOn Tongues and Stuff
What Is An Evangelical?Should A Woman Teach In Church?
An Introduction to DispensationalismNot Our Job To Convert Anyone
Pauline Dispensationalism - An Online Book Is Hell a real place, or just an old Jewish fable?
"Classic Pauline Dispensationalism" Explained What's Wrong With The Gospel?
How To Know If You Are A Real ChristianA Biblical Perspective on False Doctrine
Dead in Adam and Alive in Christ A Few Quotes to Ponder
The Watchtower Gospel vs The True GospelDepravity and Sanctification
Discussing the Covenant of GraceThe Holiest Place Part 1
Some Suggest I Cannot Be SavedThe Holiest Place Part 2
What Must l Do?Confessions of a Reformer
The Cessation of Sign GiftsThe Uneasy Conscience of a Non-Charismatic Evangelical
Signs and WondersConcerning Baptism
Universalism--the end of Christian influence
Singing Kumbaya

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