For many Christian apologists, their first encounter with a defender of Roman Catholic doctrine is like debating with someone from another planet.

The RCC and those who would speak for her seem to use the same language as their Christian opposition, but they define many of the terms and concepts in a peculiarly Roman Catholic way.

The articles on this page examine a few of the many doctrines and practices of the Roman cult that divide it from biblical Christianity.

Detail from the Coronation of the Virgin  (Carracci)
Detail from the Coronation of the Virgin (Carracci)

Catholic Doctrine

Reasoning Together

Catholic Word GamesSome Thoughts on Apologetics
More Word GamesClarification
Yep, It's TrueDo I Hate Roman Catholics?
Limbo: Not Where But Why?How We Interact
What Is The Dogma Of The Day? 28,000 Protestant Denominations
Semper Idem? You Must Be JokingDiscussing Catholic Theology
Indefectibility & the Romish ChurchDealing With Catholic Apologetics
More On IndefectibilityTradition & Matthew 16:18
Who's Guiding Whom?Catholic Apologetics -- 101
Infallibly Infallible -- Or What? Catholic Apologetics -- 102
The Unpardonable Sin?Is True Dialogue Possible?
What Must They Believe?Answering Catholic Apologists
What Must You Believe?Reasoning With a New Catholic
Is The RCC Above Even God? Questions Catholics Ask
Catholicism - Apostolic or Apostate?Cracks in the Wall
Have I Neglected Something?On Interpretation
Little LiesPagans, Catholicism and Christianity
How Did Catholic Popes Become Infallible?Examining What We Examine
Proof Texts and Their Misuse
The Salvation of NonCatholics

Dealing with Catholic Apologists

Catholic Practice

What to Expect & How to RespondThe Cost of a Hotdog? -- Damnation
Misrepresenting Catholicism Get Out Of Jail Free
On Faith and ObedienceRome Is Big on Fasting and Abstinence
On DiscernmentNothing New Under The Sun
Apologetics, Salvation and StuffPrayers For The Dead
Apologetics and SemanticsSeeking Help From The Dead
On Debating With Catholics Do I Hafta?
Why Will Catholics Go To Hell?Apologetics and Praying to the Dead
Apologetics and PolemicsTongues and Stuff
Answering Catholic ChallengesPrayers, Ghosts and Miracles
Back in the DayWhen Is Worship Not Worship?
Rhetorical Cheating
Catholic Debate Techniques
Exegesis - Catholic Style

Other Stuff

Sacraments and Sacramentals

Jesus' Last Passover A Family Feud?
Judaism & Catholic Tradition Baptism and Catholic Chains
Sometime TruthSaved by Sacraments or by Grace?
Sometimes We Try Too HardPagan Roots of Transubstantiation
GenerationsWas The Early Church Catholic?
Saints Alive!One More Time
Who Is Trustworthy?Tradition's Trap
My Spiritual Journey
Was Paul A Slipshod Apostle?

Salvation -- Catholic Style


On Salvation and JustificationEcumenicalism and Jesus2000
Concerning James 2 & Romans 4Theo-Illogical: Quid Pro Canon
Having Faith In Faith Confessions of a Reformer
Are Catholics Saved by Grace?What They Wrote
What Is The Gospel? A Vivid Deception
Saved By Grace Alone?Has Roman Catholicism changed?
Helping The Catholic JesusMy Catholic Credentials
Assurance of SalvationConcerning Bill Webster
Is Believing a Work?Ratzinger, Rome and the Bible

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