The Salvation of NonCatholics

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How many times have readers to this site read the Catholic Dogma defined by Innocent III a millenium ago: Extra Ecclesium Nulla Salus [Outside the Church no one is saved]?

Do you understand how the Romish cult understands this teaching? I don't. Apparently quite a number of Catholics also do not understand this apparently clear statement. Confusion at Boston College half a century ago led the Vatican's Holy Office, the final authority on Catholic doctrine, to write a letter to clarify the meaning and implementation of this oft-re-iterated dogma.

Holy Office: a congregation founded in 1542 to succeed the suppressed Inquisition and entrusted with matters pertaining to faith and morals, as the judgment of heresy, the application of canonical punishment, and the examination of books and prohibition of those held dangerous to faith and morals. - Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright 1997, by Random House, Inc

Perhaps I should have entitled this post Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus - Except For . . .

After reading it a few times, I still see a great gap between what Rome says and what she does. See for yourself. The letter begins:

Letter of the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office August 8, 1949, to the Archbishop of Boston.

(Controversy which arose at Boston College on the subject of the axiom, "Outside the Church there is no salvation.")

We are bound by divine and Catholic faith to believe all those things which are contained in the word of God, whether it be Scripture or Tradition, and are proposed by the Church to be believed as divinely revealed, not only through solemn judgment but also through the ordinary and universal teaching office.

Now, among those things which the Church has always preached and will never cease to preach is contained also that infallible statement by which we are taught that there is no salvation outside the Church.

However, this dogma must be understood in that sense in which the Church herself understands it. For, it was not to private judgments that Our Savior gave for explanation those things that are contained in the deposit of faith, but to the teaching authority of the Church.

Now, in the first place, the Church teaches that in this matter there is question of a most strict command of Jesus Christ. For He explicitly enjoined on his apostles to teach all nations to observe all things whatsoever He Himself had commanded.

Read the entire letter by clicking here clicking here

I suppose that most who read here are aware of Catholicism's love of spiritual visits by members of the Romish Pantheon and in particular the Earth Mother Goddess Catholic Mary. In one of her ghostly apparitions she became known as "Our Lady of La Sallette." Included in her alleged prophecies was this one, which it does appear had already come true centuries previous to her fantasy visit: "
Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist."

Can there be any doubt?

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