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Some in the pro-life ranks were becoming as wicked as the practices they oppose. They apparently had confused the process with the goal, and were convinced that they were acting within God's will....even when they become violent and murderous.

While surfing IRC one evening some years ago, I came upon a channel for persons interested concerning the abortion issue. Though I have not considered myself a member of the Catholic Church since the late 1950s, I once had been heavily involved in Catholic Pro-Life activities for several years. I decided to see what was going on. Only one person was there, a guy. We chatted briefly before I left.

A day or two later, I received a 14 page e-mail from a person affiliated with that channel. The writer argued that killing abortionists was the right thing to do, and that such murders are pleasing to God. The letter reminded me why I left the formal pro-life movement a few years years previously.

The author of that terrible letter mentioned that she would like to see biblical support for an anti-murder position. This was my response:

Another point of view

I received your 14 page letter last night. I am greatly saddened by what I read.

Please believe I am strongly pro-life and unequivocably against elective abortion. For nearly four years, I was a front-line activist in the struggle to end this horror. I have been baked in the sun, drenched by rain and hoses, reviled, spat upon and physically abused by those who uphold the so-called right to murder the unborn. Once, only quick police intervention saved me from a certain terrible beating.

By God's grace, I have taken the pro-life message to tens of thousands of people, in dozens of churches and hundreds of classrooms, here in Texas and across Mexico. He has made it possible for me to hold in my arms infants whose mothers changed their minds and decided to keep their babies after spending time with me. I have helped single mothers and girls who had been thrown out of their homes to find new places to live. I have searched out couples to adopt babies whose mothers were unable or unwilling to keep them. I have been blessed with some small success in my efforts.

In my dealings with mothers-to-be and their loved ones, I have sensed the anguish so many feel as they contemplate what they are about to do, or have done. Of course, there were some who felt nothing....who believe abortion is nothing more than a simple backstop for faulty birth control procedures. I have prayed, and still pray, for all those who believe abortion is the only solution for their social difficulties. I ask our Lord to touch their hearts with love and to fill their minds with truth. I have never, nor will I ever, called down divine wrath and retribution upon them.

As much as I loathe their position, I know they are sinners, like thee and me. I do not believe our gracious Lord is involved in assigning comparative values to each type of sin, or that x number of sin type 1074 is equivalent to y number of sin type 832, etc. I believe all sin is repugnant to God, Who is in all ways pure. I believe it matters not that we may have lived a perfect life (if that were possible) and have only the stain of original sin to blemish our snowy white garments---we still would be unbearably repulsive to our holy Father. I do not believe that one responsible for horrors, such as Hitler, Stalin or any other human monster is any more despicable in the eyes of God than is any other person who has yet to be washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I believe the Promises of Christ, and I know that even ravening beasts like Gacy and Dahlmer might be forgiven, if they but have true faith and meet the conditions Jesus spoke in John 5:24. If God can forgive these people, how dare anyone without divine authority condemn them to die in His holy name? How dare anyone execute them because it is right and pleasing to God? I do believe that a death sentence handed down by lawfully-constitute court cnforms to Paul's guidance concerning the authority of such courts/governments. However, in my understanding members of any pro-life movement are not considered to be a constituted authority with such powers authorized by God. I see no parallel between the pro-life hierarchy and the words in Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2:13.

Where is the love?

What is far more sad, I see no love or compassion as entreated over and over again throughout God's Word. When asked what was the greatest commandment, Jesus told us we must love God with all our hearts, souls and minds. He went on to command we love our neighbors as ourselves. (Matthew 22:34-40).

Certainly unborn babies are our neighbors, and we must love and protect them. Remember, however, their mothers and the abortionists also are our neighbors. Who has been given divine authority to decide which neighbors we should love and which we should hate? God is no respecter of persons, yet the pro-life leadership is. Is this godly behavior? God is willing to love and forgive, if His conditions are met. Some in pro-life leadership positions are not. Is this godly behavior? Please, please examine your heart. Can the same God Who told us “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him would not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:16, NASB), ever approve of murder?

A most heinous crime

God has provided the means for forgiveness and salvation to all who come to Him through Jesus Christ, though they may come in the final moments of their lives, as did the thief on the cross. When someone murders an abortionist, or anyone else, can't you see they are closing the door forever on that person's opportunity to reach out to God? If murder of this human flesh is a great sin, then acting to deny a person any future opportunity to receive God's grace and forgiveness must be an enormously great crime. This flesh will rot and be gone one day, the soul suffering the torments of the damned will endure the agony of separation from God forever. If anything, this is the most heartless crime anyone can commit.

I will continue, in my own poor way, working for life. I will never support such violent and extremist positions or acts as you propose. I will continue to pray for all those who advocate abortion. And I will continue to pray for those who advocate violence in God's Name.

I wish you grace and peace from God our Father and our Savior Jesus Christ.

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